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"Apple" here refers to the fruit, and nothing else.

For the electronics and software company, see Apple, Inc..

This app puts window buttons to the left, and window icon at the left of window caption.

Fifth beta, release candidate 3: (buttons behave exactly like Leopard ones to-do: show disabled buttons)

Beta version 2009-03-09

To-do list:

- Show disabled buttons.
- Show window menu on right-click (check whether this is possible, btw).
- Give option to user, to minimize on double-click instead of maximize/restore (Mac OS X behavior).
- Allow for different theme selection, to fit other visual styles.

It has some bugs yet... it cañt skin AppleMinMax self windows, it freezes when using WinRar context menu options, etc...

You need to use LeopardXP Visual Style with Windows XP (any Service Pack). It will misbehave with other configurations.

An up to date screenshot:



This app is still under heavy development. Mostly because of lots of work at job, exams, etc... and even other projects such as Stacks Docklet 2.0 and FingerXP which is almost in stand by (by now).

I've made a skin to make it match with LeopardXP Visual Style, but you can make your own theme and make it match with any Visual Style you like (as long as it is not an Aero enabled theme with transparencies and such stuff).

Before running AppleMinMax.exe:


After running AppleMinMax.exe:


However you can notice all titlebars look like active, and BTW min/max/close buttons are not clickable yet. :)

I'm just showing this as a preview of the app to come (and as a way to force me to get this app into a usable state).

I know there is LeftSider, but it puts FindeXer to the right of Explorer windows.

I know there is TrueTransparency, but it doesñt allow to put window icon to the left of window caption (I even contacted TrueTransparency's author, long time ago, regarding this, without a response... :().

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