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WinExposé is a clone of Mac OS X's Exposé, but for Microsoft Windows.

It is under constant development, and you can see progress and download quite stable :-) versions at

Here is a screenshot:


And a video (click to play):


I promise a better video soon :-)


Download at:

version 2009-03-28 at DropBox
version 2009-03-28 at MegaUpload
Note: if you're upgrading from previous version, backup your exceptions list first.

version 2009-03-26 at File2Go
version 2009-02-17-b at File2Go
version 2009-02-17 at File2Go


Ever wondered what happens to those bug reports? :D


I was checking zip files, because I have even the oldest version (no sources, only binaries). And I've noticed the oldest file is... version 2006-09-29!!!

This is by far the oldest piece of freeware I'm still updating (by a very unregular basis, of course... though Mr. Yamaguchi won me on that recently... hahaha).

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