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Warning: this is a pre-beta release. It may contain missing options / missing features / errors / memory leaks / etc... Bug reports will be taken into account as long as they areñt RocketDock/RkLauncher/bad-shortcut-overlay-removal bugs. Feature requests will be silently ignored until beta release. :rolleyes:


You have two alternatives:


- If you use AveDesk or whatever and cañt access settings, now you can Alt+click the docklet to access settings.

- Doesñt crash when clicking an image now (maybe solves problem with crashing shortcuts and other crashing stuff too, I wasñt able to reproduce them because those worked right here).

- I'm now handling icons a bit different, they may not work with your icons. If this is the case, please PM those icons to me so I can test them. If they are inside an executable or .dll use Resource Hacker. If you dunno how to extract the icon or where is it, just post a screenshot of it (both how it looks in your Explorer and how it looks in stack).

- No reflective mode yet, please wait until Advanced options are implemented :P (done)

Enjoy. ;)

To-do list:

- Write TweakStacks with option to enable/disable tweaks such as reflective mode. Implement Advanced section.
- Check what's going on with Vista 256x256 "png" icons in XP, and if LoadImage works with them under Windows 7. I'm rendering icons the hard way... needs some finishing touchs yet, specially under Windows 7 64-bit (someone has a resource extractor code for 64 bit libs under 32 bit?)
- Implement drag and drop (to be able to drop files into the stack (done), and to be able to drag a file from the stack into somewhere else).

(*) will be available in next prebeta release.


- Trim too-long names in grid view (done).
- Set minimum icon size in grid view to 48 (done).
- Try changing TGridSettings.horz_spacing to fixed values and use different icon_size ranges, for e.g. 48..64 -> horz_spacing = 64; 64..96 -> horz_spacing = 32; 128 -> horz_spacing = 0; (done)
- Implement grid name expand on hover (Stacks Library) (done).
- Implement show Open Folder / %d more items icon (Stacks Library -> special_last_item:BOOL property) (done)
- Implement drag and drop (to be able to drop files into the stack (done).

Miscellaneous stuff

Big thanks go to schmrom and File2Go for providing such wonderful file hosting service. File2Go is gone forever, but it was a great service while it lasted.

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